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Did you know that For Sale By Owner homes sometimes sell for less on average than homes listed by an agent? The end result is that some FSBO sellers could end up with less cash than if they paid commission to an agent.  The single most difficult task for a FSBO is accurately pricing your home to sell.


In many situations, a strong decision is to sell with a real-estate agent who charges lower rates. So if you do decide to list your home For Sale By Owner, make sure to do your research and educate yourself for maximum returns.


Zillow and its sister site Trulia are two of the leading real estate sites. Even though neither caters exclusively to FSBO homes, they have features that allow sellers to post for sale by owner properties. It’s free to list a house on Zillow, and all Zillow listings appear on Trulia automatically.

To post your FSBO listing on Zillow and Trulia, all you have to do is create a Zillow account, then begin uploading photos and putting in the description details, such as the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and amenities.


Fizber is a free listing for sale by owner (FSBO) service providing a full suite of easy-to-use tools designed to maximize exposure and simplify the home sales process. The average home seller can save up to $15,000 selling their home FSBO based on the US average sales price of $250,000.  

If you own your home and are looking to save thousands of dollars selling it, give Fizber a try and we will help you get great online exposure.  And for only $295, with no commissions, FIZBER will get you listed on your local MLS.

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